Snaliens Released!

I'm happy to announce that Snaliens is officially released! 

It was a great journey (6 months). A big opportunity to try different ideas I had in mind and to learn a lot. 

As a quick refresher: Snaliens is a puzzle game that aims to join the snake-like movement with Sokoban and electrical circuits. The game presents challenging puzzles that teach you as you play. There are no timers or worries. The game encourages self-learning and hands you with unlimited undo actions to explore your alternatives at your pace.

Since the demo version, the final has substantially more content.

The game features:

  • 92 levels + 6 extra;
  • More than 6 mechanics and circuits to play around;
  • A final cutscene and a small surprise for those who complete all the levels;
  • 3 characters: Each one with a different ability.

Thank you for playing!

João Ferreira

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